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Web Sites

SOFTEXPRES is specialized in building websites. We use the most advanced technology ever being in the vanguard of development. Sites built by us have professional design, which includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Macromedia Flash.

By combining the aesthetic side of it functional, we manage to create pages that are dynamic, easy to use, and that opened fairly quickly.

Web sites are provided under the following categories:

· STANDARD  (price  49.000 Lek without VAT):         

dynamic site based on CMS    
the dy Nivel appoints      
multimedia faqe me photo & video    

about social networks    

· PROFESSIONAL  (price  63.000 Lek without VAT):         

dynamic site based on CMS    

 two menu levels (vertical and horizontal)    


independent management information from the client    

page with photo & video multimedia module with new / recent events    

about social networks    

Slidera levizes with photo dhe ad    

geographic location map and email contact form    

optimized for fast finding of search engine (eg Google)    

·          ELITE  (price  133.000  LEK without VAT):

dynamic site based on CMS, two menu levels, multilingual  
module for cataloging products online    

e-commerce system for online sales    

independent management information from the client    
or multimedia faqe me photo & video Galeri fotosh / portfolio    
module with new / recent events, Blog 

the televizon online    


The latest offer: 

Choose one of our models of web sites and we will build your page Dreams, only for 49.000 LEK without VAT
(* This offer is for a limited period)


Favourite models :


myestate thumbnail

Real Estate

eccomerce thumb


informt thumbjpg











Disa nga punimet tona me te fundit jane:

thumb olimpik



laldipharma1 confort thumb

Sites built by us in most cases use for keeping information database, which is updated from its own customers through a website with password protected administration. For all customers we offer:

    • Professional Design (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash)
    • Dynamic information (stored in databases like MySql, SQL Server, etc.)
    • Page management (perfect choice for sites that have frequent updates to)
    • Hundreds of models where you can choose what you prefer
    • Hosting professional and favorable prices
    • Speeds on building site
    • Stastikat of visits to your site
    • Chicory Maksimas


We are always at your disposal!