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Mobile-Expres 5.2

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Price: 84.000 LEK without VAT


Sales and Distribution System of the Distance

Applies to:

Commercial units, distribution center etc..

Sistemi operativ:

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7


Central server with SQL Server, kompj terminal, Pocket PC

    • Description: Sales and Distribution System in Distance Post Sell mobile (handheld computers and mini-printer) to make and print sales invoices in the ground.

      Mobile-Express is a management system for point of sale terminals and more remote that works with the central data (SQL Server Database). This very practical system helps to make it easier and more secure organization and control in your warehouse or supermarket. system is organized in a structure with acentral warehouse and many others across sectors different. Supplies become central warehouse directly and through its movements made across relevant sectors. Movements mean exit from and entry to another man. These can be made among all sectors and warehouse For each sector there is a certain inventory items which state that can be viewed and printed by the user at any time desired. Transfers can be made from warehouses or from c `shall sector registered. Merchandise inventory decreased respectively from the warehouse or the respective sector. For sale regjisstrimin program can be used installed in desktop computers or computers through the wrist (Pocket PC) who will be on the move cars through distribution. The latter retain the data for an indefinite time until the network are close to the data server. In this case the transfer of data to the central database Affairs us. As a transfer order can be used wireless antennas ( Access Point ) or the connection to the computer equipment that has c `will Pocket PC. For each sector can be set different prices of the same item. When a new sale items for sale can be solved through the Bar Code Scanner (For the sale to be chosen Pocket PC Pocket PC type of bar code reader) . Printing Invoices performed more quickly (0.4 seconds for one invoice, thermal printer). The program allows the application of discounts for groups of customers registered. All acts performed in the program stored in the appropriate username that has opened the program at the moment. The program preserves and reflects all sales as well as those committed canceled. The program allows printing coverage and financial balance daily and daily inventory of items to sell which makes sure regulated and daily activity. program gives the possibility of recording and management of users, their personal data and their rights in the program , also recording and management companies and clients, and managing vendor registration and registration of managing sales agents.


The program allows to control the cash any time by authorized user and also the performance of cash (spill or withdrawal). Program also provides reports on sales, supplies, quantity of items sold, and financial balance in each period selected by the user and storage in Excel or print these reports and maintenance, export and storage of data each time the program desired.

System Structure 
As structure for storing the data will be MS SQL SERVER 2000. For this it is necessary at least one server with operating system Windows 2000 server or Windows 2003 server. Program management will be installed on computers with Windows 2000 or Windows XP. The number of computers you can use Desktop program is unlimited. Mobile terminals will be selling Pocket PC (Windows Mobile 5.0) in which the respective program will istalohet who will carry out the registration of remote sales.

Program management functions

    • Management of sales.
    • Management of supplies, entry and exit.
    • Account suppliers.
    • Warehouse management and inventory for all sectors registered. Can be viewed at any time inventory status of the items.
    • Cash and Management. Payment - collection.
    • Registration PAGES-Guarantee for warranty items.
    • Items for sale can be resolved through bar code scanner.
    • Items can be imported from Excel file.
    • Through the program can be printed bar codes for the items needed.
    • Choice of type and format of the bill (60mm tape, 80 mm, A6, A4).
    • Customer management, categorization by deducting applicable.
    • Membership cards to customers that enable the automatic application for a price perferencial article.
    • Account for registered customers.
    • Registration custom for sale.
    • Functional access levels for users.
    • All acts performed in the program saved and the appropriate username.
    • Program managed by the users of their functions (as sales, supplies, cash).
    • The user enters the program through the magnetic card or thumb trail.
    • Become preservation and reflection of all sales made and canceled.
    • Reports for each selected time period for sales, supplies, quantity of items sold, and financial balance.
    • Print or export to Excel all reports issued.
    • I also adapted Fiscal Kase.
    • Network versions of the program for each non-server workstation can work connected to the central server (online), but also independent (View) from the central server. This functionality is useful when the network does not work, because the bills can be performed independently and be synchronized with the central server at a later time when the network becomes functional.
    • Practical Management of Purchase / Sales through interfaces that chronologically lists all the invoices for a specified period of time. From this list you can choose and easily adminstrosh a specific invoice.
    • Summary of outstanding invoices by customers 
    • Inventory Management. Can be viewed at any time the status of inventory items. The inventory loading of initial practical items
    • Management and Cash and Cash Bankes.Sistem some. Adminsitrim Payment - receipts.
    • Balance: Purchase, Sales, Income and Expenses
    • The Ark book, purchase book, sales book
    • Labels and barcodes printing prices for items
    • More accurate estimate of the user throughput (throughput is not vulnerable to manipulative attempts such as: computer manipulation or execution date of the invoice amount / negative value to artificially reduce a user submits lap at the end of the day.
    • The inventory Easy transfer from one warehouse to another

The functions of the mobile program (program for Pocket PC)

    • Registration and print sales.
    • Invoices can be performed by some users (dealers) registered
    • Invoices may be intended for the registered customers.
    • Updating the data from the central server whenever necessary.
    • Transfer of sales conducted in the central server.
    • The user can not delete the kompj sales of hand before we transferred these central server.
    • The user can only cancel invoices made a mistake. The latter saved with all data but do not count on the financial effect.

Characteristics of mobile sales terminal
equipment comprising:

    • 1 x handheld computer (Pocket PC)
    • 1 x printer for receipts (as the case may be selected printers required)
    • 1 x Feeder machine for printer
    • 1

        Computer connected to the printer by hand Bluetooth adapter to the farthest distance of Unsupported.Choosing the invoice items can be done through code or designation. If you wish to use barcode reader must be found Pocket PC such readers.


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      Customer service is offered free maintenance for the first three months, for every problem in the functioning of the client's premises. For customers who are outside Tirana, travel expenses covered by the client.

      After three months ago, for re-installation of programs SoftExpres and / or re-training to customers (in the premises of the latter), the following fees apply:


      Installation & training fee by location

      No days

      Hours / day


      Vlera (Lek)

      Installation + training in Tirana





      Installation + training to about 1





      Installation + training in about 2





      Note: The above prices are without tax included

      List Price for additional functionality Softexpres