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Hotel-Expres 5.2


Hotel management system with many workstations 
(eg reception, bar-restaurant, minibar, room, office, finance, etc.)

Sistemi operativ:

Windows 2K, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7


Central computer (server) SQL Server database, computer terminal

Order Can be installed in the network? Chambers Management (entry / exit / bookings) Management minibar, telephony, and other domestic sectors Management Bar - restaurant, minibar and other external sectors Included in the price of the KASE Fiscal Fit CMIM (EUR)
Hotel Express (simple) already on already already already 199
Hotel Express (professional) already on on already already 299
Hotel Express for network on on on on on 499

The main functions of the program

Express Hotel management system is a very practical and very useful for all hotels with more terminals and Pocket PC that works with the central data (SQL Server Database). This system helps the business to make it as easy and safe management and work organization, avoids any unforeseen that may arise during it and also increases safety and operational responsibility to employees. Note : This program is also customized with Kase Fiscal . Also on the program versions for each network workstation-server can not work connected with the central server (online), but also independent (View) from the central server. This functionality is useful when the network does not work, because the bills can be performed independently and be synchronized with the central server at a later time when the network becomes functional. computer system and its program are provided in such a way that allow performing all the functions and services that a hotel can offer.  program is organized into several sections according to specific functions they perform. In each of the sectors can be installed with a computer program concerned. All sectors are linked in a network between them and commanded by a central computer (server) in which all data is stored. The number of sectors is variable depending on the case. Sectors are classified in " domestic service sectors of the hotel"and" external services sectors . " domestic service sectors to manage the hotel:

  1. Reception
  2. Minibar in rooms
  3. Room service
  4. Lavanderinë
  5. Phones rooms
  6. Pool
  7. Fitness-in 



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Sectors manage external services:

  1. B
  2. Restaurant
  3. Pizzerinë
  4. P
  5. P

The interior of the hotel services are chargeable with the client's account in terms of room and outside services are considered as a separate account. Values of invoices for external services can be automatically transferred to the account of the room. It may also be possible if the equipment by the customer with a card which serves him as such services outside the hotel. Bar, restaurant, etc.. In this way the customer will not have to carry the monetary value. This program provides and allows recording subjects or clients whom you can apply a percentage discount categories. Hotel bills can be paid by the client in different currencies which are then converted into the currency of choice based. program creates a central warehouse which makes the supply of various sectors such as bar or restaurant who have inventories of their respective who made the deduction of items in the state after each sale. In addition to the movement of goods from central warehouses in sectors desired program also allows the movement of items h reversed, or the movement of goods from one sector to another if required to do so. This program may have some users who are configured as sectors and have different rights defined by the administrator according to their functions. For every action performed in the program registered user who performs and also the time of transaction, which is a very good system to prevent various abuses. In cases where users are provided with the card (eg waiters) then identify their card program is going. reception rooms and manages the activities of clients such as:


  1. Configuration of rooms
  2. Booking
  3. H
  4. D
  5. Customers
  6. Registered Entities
  7. Invoices
  8. Archive

In order to have a greater control over the hotel rooms and manage them as well, with reception to mark accurately every date and time of entry or exit from the hotel clients so that at any moment know exactly free status of rooms, occupied or reserved hotel. program creates spaces that regular customers of the hotel can also pay their obligations after they leave the hotel, close to the room account and bill registered as without pay. Program also allows and enables the privileges that can be made to these entities regular customers or becoming a certain reduction from the normal price. The program provides each client with a detailed bill of costs during their stay at the hotel, before they perform the payment and leave. Reception also, through this program can perform transfer service rooms where a customer record now wants to change the room for various reasons, and to see all hotel bills and records archive clients made during different time periods. Another service that can provide customer reception of the hotel through the program is memory which serves to help those customers who want the reception to remind you to do something or to schedule morning awakening wanting. For external sectors BAR - RESTAURANT - PIZZERI - PUB etc. Registration of orders from the waiters can made by pocket pc or ordinary computer mouse or a finger on the case when using touch screen monitor. Printing invoices quickly become one bill for 0.4 sec, cutting them done automatically by the printer, and allows the system administrator to decide whether to print two receipts or a single sum. system allows registration and attendance management and their registration details as well as equipping them with magnetic card which serves to identify them in the program. Also authorized user can define categories of prices and discount rates appropriate for different categories of customers psh.për friends, etc. for ordinary customers. Also authorized user of the system is allowed to manage the ark, the value placed on it and to carry on such activities. spill / retreat.  allows system configuration and management of tables, their division by sector and by waiters responsible for them. The system also allows registration fees, and their respective rates of currencies registration and relevant courses. system allows separation into categories such items. alcoholic drinks, fish etc.. also allows management, deletion, addition or modification of these categories. You can also organize the items under the relevant sectors eg. grass, kitchens etc.. The program records for supplies items also sold for personal consumption items. The program was given a considerable space of clients (entities) and their management, registration and management of their data. Registered customers can be equipped with magnetic cards that serve as identification for late payment or various discounts that may apply.

The program also provides reports for any time period for sales, supplies, quantity of items sold and FINANCIAL balance and excel in transition and maintenance of all reports issued.



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Price (Euro)

Price for Server-Express Hotel


Price for additional sales terminals

149 /term

Customer service is offered free maintenance for the first month for versions NETWORK program for every problem in the functioning of the client's premises. For customers outside of Tirana, travel expenses covered by the client.

After the first month, the program re-installation SoftExpres and / or re-training of customers (in the grounds of the latter), the following fees apply:


Installation & training fee by location

No days

Hours / day


Vlera (Lek)

Installation + training in Tirana





Installation + training to about 1





Installation + training in about 2





Note: The above prices are without tax included

List Price for additional functionality Softexpres