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(download DentalExpres Presentation)

Price : 35.000 LEK without VAT




Clinical Management System and Dental Laboratories

Systems operativ:

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7


For network



The main functions of the program


  • Graphical map of the client's teeth, illustrated with color (green, blue, red, bojeqielli) that vary according to the status and stage at diagnosis, which is the process of working with the tooth by the dentist
  • Detailed History II all sessions and dental diagnoses for each patient.
  • Detailed card of the patient: general info, photos, medical history, condition of the mouth, etc.
  • Equipped with a list of meetings for patients.
  • Equipped with automatic notifications system, to remember certain events dentist for specific dates regarding the care of patients
  • Practical Management of Purchase / Sales through interfaces that chronologically lists all the invoices for a specified period of time. From this list you can choose and easily adminstrosh a specific invoice.
  • Management (summary) of Invoices, Payments, debt as well as for patients to doctors who refer patients to the clinic (and you do not pay on time but periodically some bill at once).
  • Inventory Management. Can be viewed at any time the status of inventory items. The inventory loading of initial practical items
  • Management and Cash and Cash Bankes.Sistem some. Adminsitrim Payment - receipts.
  • Balance: Purchase, Sales, Income and Expenses
  • The cost-benefit ratio of sales.
  • The Ark book, purchase book, sales book
  • Summary of outstanding invoices by customers
  • Reports for any selected period of time for sales, supplies
  • All acts performed in the program saved and corresponding user name.
  • Preservation and reflection become all sales made and canceled.
  • Access levels according to user functions.
  • Excel Switching and Storage of all reports issued.
  • Maintenance, export and storage of program data whenever desired.
  • Adapted with Fiscal Kase

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Price (Lek) without VAT

Price for Server DentalExpres


Price for additional sales terminals

21.000 /term


For customer service is offered free maintenance for the first month, for every problem in the operation of the client's premises. For customers outside of Tirana, travel expenses are covered by the client.

After the first month, to re-SoftExpres software installation and / or re-training to customers (in the premises of the latter), the following fees apply:

Installation & training fee by location

No. of days

Hours / day

Total Orë

Value (ALL)

Installation + training in Tirana





Installation + training to about 1





Installation + training in about 2






Note: The above prices are without tax included 
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