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Custom programs


 For years now, SoftExpres enabling the building of  custom programs  aligned with the specific needs of businesses. Here are some examples of such programs:

ForensicExpres 3.0  : - Program management activity for  Forensic Medicine  (Client: Institute of Forensic Medicine):

Main features:

  • Management Doctors
  • Patient management We
  • Diagnozat and Pacienteve
  • I Menaxhim Ecurise if cdo Diagnoze
  • Reports on Physician and Diagnostic activity for periods of time.
  • Reports on relations with the state
  • etc.

InvoiceExpres 3.0 : Program for Management  and Payment Mandates Banks  (client: Energy Ltd)

Main features:

  • Management Suppliers, Collaborators, Staff
  • Management Bills
  • Management Mandates
  • Management of Banks
  • Management of bank accounts
  • Management of several companies in the Group, each managed separately, but in a concentrated database
  • Management of Payment via bank mandates
  • Generation Original Form of Payment for four major banks (Intesa Sanpaolo, Raiffeisen Bank, Tirana Bank, Bank Veneto)
  • Generation of the Office of Tax Form
  • Reports on relations with third parties (the services received / given, and how to have / be paid)
  • etc.

CollectExpres 3.0 : A program for managing the activity of  the Bailiff Companies (Client: Collection ZIG).

Main features:

  • Management of debtors, BashkeDebitoreve, guarantors, etc.
  • Management of Banks and financial institutions
  • Management of Credit Outstanding
  • Management of Credit Payments
  • The contact management improvements to debtors (eg site visits, email, mail, phone, etc.)
  • Loading of Credit Payments, Debtors, BashkeDebitoreve, guarantors of Excel files (such as bring banks).
  • Activity reports by time period, improvements to contact debtors, the Promised Dates for payment etc..

Common features:

  • Programs are for network
  • They are equipped with CD and user manual
  • Copies enable periodic Database
  • They are equipped with Management Module User Profiles and their rights
  • Leave the Wake enable for each oper MTE perform